Research on anti-doping education in the UK

By Dr Mathieu Winand.

Doping in sport has become a public health problem that not only concerns elite athletes, but also recreational athletes and young people. The World Anti-Doping Agency has developed international sports policies to fight that social phenomenon. These policies are implemented and monitored at national level by National Anti-Doping Organisations which should cooperate with national sport federations to promote anti-doping education. However, there is no evidence yet regarding the extent of anti-doping education activities implemented by sport federations.

A research supported by the Carnegie Trust is currently undertaken by Dr Mathieu Winand from Stirling University to investigate the role of sport federations in anti-doping education in the UK.

The purpose of the research is to analyse the responsibilities of sport federations in doping prevention, the extent to which they implement anti-doping education activities at national level, and the challenges they face in their implementation.

Interviews with representatives of twelve sport federations in the UK and UK Anti-Doping are undertaken to answer the following research questions:

  • What are the actual responsibilities of national sport federations in anti-doping education?
  • What anti-doping education activities are developed by national sport federations?
  • What are the challenges national sport federations face to implement anti-doping education programmes?
  • How can doping prevention be improved at national level through sport federations?

The research aims to provide recommendations to improve doping prevention through better understanding of national sport federations’ challenges and approach to anti-doping policy implementation. The project will highlight the role of education in doping prevention. It contributes to the growing literature on policy implementation and anti-doping policies in particular.

The results are expected to be delivered in May 2015.

Please contact for further information or follow @M_Winand on Twitter.

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